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Ristorante "Taverna del Guerrino"

ristorante tipico di Montefioralle - Greve in Chianti

Il Castello di Montefioralle

Built in an undefined period, Castle Montefioralle had two rounds of the walls which were then stacked next to homes. It is considered one of the oldest villages of the Chianti region, traced back to the Etruscan-Roman times. From Montefioralle there was then a stream of emigration to the most convenient plain and the center of Greve was born, just as it did in Fiesole with Florence.

The walls were developed on an octagonal perimeter and some were torn down along with the towers of Florence during the months of the siege by the troops of Emperor Charles V. The present appearance dates back to the '500 when they switched to the walls of the houses built with the residual material of the destroyed towers. In 1630 the name was changed in Montefioralle. 800 destroyed the main gate with its drawbridge for a kind of renewal and renovation of space typical of the period. Between the wars, at the hands of the Florentine architect Sabatini, superintendent of the work of the Cathedral, erected the present house and premises of the farm. The famous wine of Montefioralle is secular and will produce an excellent wine.

You must visit in the Church of Santo Stefano, with works of art in 1200 and 1400 and the Parish of San Cresci in Montefioralle, located outside the walls of the village, which is one of the oldest churches in the Chianti. The present structure dates from the twelfth century. San Cresci is characterizated of an entrance porch with two mullion windows. Inside the sanctuary is supported by 4 columns and 6 semi.

It has recently been included in the club of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

What wiew!


Old picture of ex Pecchioli's farm before arriving Montefioralle


Winter, a rare snowfall! Very charming!


The tipycals small lanes.


The main street.


Amerigo Vespucci's house.


Martello's spring where Montefioralle's housewifes washed clothes.


March, San Giuseppe fritters fairy, all Montefioralle's citizen cook rice fritters in this large pan.


Taverna del Guerrino

Via Montefioralle Centro 39 50022 Greve in Chianti
Tel.: 055 853106/8546263/853609 cell 3932326588
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